Friday, August 9, 2013


Hi, it's Kathy, blogging for the KOB Racing Team. Now that the team and the car are officially on the road to Wendover I have decided to join them and blog about the experience.

Carl drove his HHR up to the Wendover Nugget on Thursday and checked into the rooms, so they wouldn't be given away.  Don Bowman, towing the support trailer arrived in Wendover Friday morning and they are setting up the pits along side the race course at the 4 mile marker.  Mike Kuhl and Darrell Woods are on the road, towing the race car, stopped for breakfast in Las Vegas, and are now on Hwy 93 to Wendover.

I will be flying up on Sunday to SLC and will rent a car and meet the team on the salt. In the evenings I plan to post pictures on this blog site along with the daily results of the 7707 car.

Stay tuned.....

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